Poppler is a PDF rendering library based on the xpdf-3.0 code base.

What's with the name?


Discuss poppler on the poppler mailing list, or visit the #poppler irc channel on irc.freenode.org.


The latest stable release is poppler-0.62.0.tar.xz, released on December 3, 2017:

         * Stop supporting lcms1, you really want to use lcms2 :)
         * Stop supporting openjpeg1, you really want to use openjpeg2 :)
         * Open files that state 8 bits as third field of W. Bug #103469
         * GfxLabColorSpace::parse: Fix crash in broken documents. Bug #103582
         * Fix leak if parseDA fails
         * Include glibc.h where needed
         * Document the meaning of the 'type' integer of a shading
         * Fix UTF test fail
         * INSTALL: add debug options

         * Add API to let the rendering process callback to get a partial rendering. Bug #103372

         * Remove the Qt4 frontend

         * Support unicode on windows console
         * pdfsig: install man page
         * sort encoding list

         * demo: fix warning

Besides poppler you are also going to need poppler encoding data: poppler-data-0.4.8.tar.gz, released on August 13, 2017.

Previous poppler releases are available here.


Poppler is developed using git. To clone the repository use the following command:

git clone https://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/poppler/poppler.git

or browse the repository with cgit. Please send patches via Bugzilla.


Poppler comes with multiple frontends (APIs): cpp, glib, qt4 and qt5. Following is a list of already generated documentation, it may or may not be up to date. You can always generate an updated one from the source code.


Poppler Wiki.


Check out the bugs filed against poppler.


Use bugzilla to report bugs, suggest enhancements or send patches. The component is poppler.

If you have documents that don't render properly with poppler, please open a bug in bugzilla and attach the PDF file there, if possible.

Packaged Versions

This is a non-complete list of packaged versions of poppler and poppler-data.


Packaging status


Packaging status