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Poppler::LinkRendition Class Reference

#include <poppler-link.h>

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Public Types

enum  RenditionAction {
  NoRendition , PlayRendition , StopRendition , PauseRendition ,

Public Member Functions

RenditionAction action () const
bool isReferencedAnnotation (const ScreenAnnotation *annotation) const
 LinkRendition (const QRectF &linkArea, ::MediaRendition *rendition, int operation, const QString &script, const Ref annotationReference)
LinkType linkType () const override
MediaRendition * rendition () const
QString script () const
 ~LinkRendition () override

Detailed Description

Rendition: Rendition link.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LinkRendition()

Poppler::LinkRendition::LinkRendition ( const QRectF &  linkArea,
::MediaRendition *  rendition,
int  operation,
const QString &  script,
const Ref  annotationReference 

Create a new rendition link.

linkAreathe active area of the link
renditionthe media rendition object. Ownership is taken
operationthe numeric operation (action) (
See also
scriptthe java script code
annotationReferencethe object reference of the screen annotation associated with this rendition action

Member Function Documentation

◆ linkType()

LinkType Poppler::LinkRendition::linkType ( ) const

The type of this link.

Reimplemented from Poppler::Link.

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