Poppler Qt5  20.10.0
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Poppler::FontIterator Class Reference

#include <poppler-qt5.h>

Public Member Functions

int currentPage () const
bool hasNext () const
QList< FontInfonext ()
 ~FontIterator ()

Detailed Description

Iterator for reading the fonts in a document.

FontIterator provides a Java-style iterator for reading the fonts in a document.

You can use it in the following way:

Poppler::FontIterator* it = doc->newFontIterator();
while (it->hasNext()) {
QList<Poppler::FontInfo> fonts = it->next();
// do something with the fonts
// after doing the job, the iterator must be freed
delete it;

The documentation for this class was generated from the following file:
bool hasNext() const
Checks whether there is at least one more page to iterate, ie returns false when the iterator is beyo...
QList< FontInfo > next()
Returns the fonts of the current page and then advances the iterator to the next page.
Iterator for reading the fonts in a document.
Definition: poppler-qt5.h:296