Poppler Qt5 24.04.0
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Poppler::FontInfo Class Reference

#include <poppler-qt5.h>

Public Types

enum  Type {
  unknown , Type1 , Type1C , Type1COT ,
  Type3 , TrueType , TrueTypeOT , CIDType0 ,
  CIDType0C , CIDType0COT , CIDTrueType , CIDTrueTypeOT

Public Member Functions

QString file () const
 FontInfo (const FontInfo &fi)
bool isEmbedded () const
bool isSubset () const
QString name () const
FontInfooperator= (const FontInfo &fi)
QString substituteName () const
Type type () const
QString typeName () const
 ~FontInfo ()

Detailed Description

Container class for information about a font within a PDF document.

Member Function Documentation

◆ isEmbedded()

bool Poppler::FontInfo::isEmbedded ( ) const

Whether the font is embedded in the file, or not.

true if the font is embedded

◆ isSubset()

bool Poppler::FontInfo::isSubset ( ) const

Whether the font provided is only a subset of the full font or not.

This only has meaning if the font is embedded.

true if the font is only a subset

◆ name()

QString Poppler::FontInfo::name ( ) const

The name of the font.

Can be a null QString if the font has no name

◆ substituteName()

QString Poppler::FontInfo::substituteName ( ) const

The name of the substitute font.

Can be a null QString if the font has no substitute font


◆ type()

Type Poppler::FontInfo::type ( ) const

The type of font encoding.

a enumerated value corresponding to the font encoding used
See also
typeName for a string equivalent

◆ typeName()

QString Poppler::FontInfo::typeName ( ) const

The name of the font encoding used.

if you are looking for the name of the font (as opposed to the encoding format used), you probably want name().
See also
type for a enumeration version

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