Poppler Qt6 24.06.0
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Poppler::OutlineItem Class Reference

#include <poppler-qt6.h>

Public Member Functions

QVector< OutlineItemchildren () const
QSharedPointer< const LinkDestinationdestination () const
QString externalFileName () const
bool hasChildren () const
bool isNull () const
bool isOpen () const
QString name () const
OutlineItemoperator= (const OutlineItem &other)
OutlineItemoperator= (OutlineItem &&other) noexcept
 OutlineItem ()
 OutlineItem (const OutlineItem &other)
 OutlineItem (OutlineItem &&other) noexcept
QString uri () const

Detailed Description

Item in the outline of a PDF document.

Represents an item in the outline of PDF document, i.e. a name, an internal or external link and a set of child items.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OutlineItem()

Poppler::OutlineItem::OutlineItem ( )

Constructs a null item, i.e.

one that does not represent a valid item in the outline of some PDF document.

Member Function Documentation

◆ children()

QVector< OutlineItem > Poppler::OutlineItem::children ( ) const

Gets the child items of this item.

a vector outline items, empty if there are none

◆ destination()

QSharedPointer< const LinkDestination > Poppler::OutlineItem::destination ( ) const

The destination referred to by this item.

a shared pointer to an immutable link destination

◆ externalFileName()

QString Poppler::OutlineItem::externalFileName ( ) const

The external file name of the document to which the.

See also
destination refers
a string with the external file name or an empty string if there is none

◆ hasChildren()

bool Poppler::OutlineItem::hasChildren ( ) const

Determines if this item has any child items.

true if there are any child items

◆ isNull()

bool Poppler::OutlineItem::isNull ( ) const

Indicates whether an item is null, i.e.

whether it does not represent a valid item in the outline of some PDF document.

◆ uri()

QString Poppler::OutlineItem::uri ( ) const

The URI to which the item links.

a string with the URI which this item links or an empty string if there is none

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