Poppler Qt6 24.05.0
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Poppler::MovieObject Class Reference

#include <poppler-qt6.h>

Public Types

enum  PlayMode { PlayOnce , PlayOpen , PlayRepeat , PlayPalindrome }

Public Member Functions

PlayMode playMode () const
QImage posterImage () const
int rotation () const
bool showControls () const
bool showPosterImage () const
QSize size () const
QString url () const

Detailed Description

Container class for a movie object in a PDF document.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ PlayMode

The play mode for playing the movie.


Play the movie once, closing the movie controls at the end.


Like PlayOnce, but leaving the controls open.


Play continuously until stopped.


Play forward, then backward, then again foward and so on until stopped.

Member Function Documentation

◆ posterImage()

QImage Poppler::MovieObject::posterImage ( ) const

Returns the poster image that should be shown if the movie is not playing.

If the image is null but showImagePoster() returns true, the first frame of the movie should be used as poster image.

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