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Poppler::PageTransition Class Reference

#include <poppler-page-transition.h>

Public Types

enum  Alignment { Horizontal = 0 , Vertical }
enum  Direction { Inward = 0 , Outward }
enum  Type {
  Replace = 0 , Split , Blinds , Box ,
  Wipe , Dissolve , Glitter , Fly ,
  Push , Cover , Uncover , Fade

Public Member Functions

Alignment alignment () const
int angle () const
Direction direction () const
int duration () const
double durationReal () const
bool isRectangular () const
PageTransitionoperator= (const PageTransition &other)
 PageTransition (const PageTransition &pt)
 PageTransition (const PageTransitionParams &params)
double scale () const
Type type () const
 ~PageTransition ()

Detailed Description

Describes how a PDF file viewer shall perform the transition from one page to another.

In PDF files there is a way to specify if the viewer shall use certain effects to perform the transition from one page to another. This feature can be used, e.g., in a PDF-based beamer presentation.

This utility class represents the transition effect, and can be used to extract the information from a PDF object.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PageTransition()

Poppler::PageTransition::PageTransition ( const PageTransitionParams &  params)

Construct a new PageTransition object from a page dictionary.

Users of the library will rarely need to construct a PageTransition object themselves. Instead, the method Poppler::Page::transition() can be used to find out if a certain transition effect is specified.

In case or error, this method will print an error message to stderr, and construct a default object.
paramsan object whose dictionary will be read and parsed. This must be a valid object, whose dictionaries are accessed by the constructor. The object is only accessed by this constructor, and may be deleted after the constructor returns.

Member Function Documentation

◆ duration()

int Poppler::PageTransition::duration ( ) const

Get duration of the transition in seconds as integer.

This function is left for backward compatibility, use durationReal() instead.

◆ operator=()

PageTransition & Poppler::PageTransition::operator= ( const PageTransition other)

assignment operator


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