Poppler Qt5  21.05.0
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Poppler::PDFConverter::NewSignatureData Class Reference

#include <poppler-qt5.h>

Public Member Functions

QColor backgroundColor () const
QColor borderColor () const
double borderWidth () const
QRectF boundingRectangle () const
QString certNickname () const
QString fieldPartialName () const
QColor fontColor () const
double fontSize () const
double leftFontSize () const
 NewSignatureData (const NewSignatureData &)=delete
NewSignatureDataoperator= (const NewSignatureData &)=delete
int page () const
QString password () const
void setBackgroundColor (const QColor &color)
void setBorderColor (const QColor &color)
void setBorderWidth (double width)
void setBoundingRectangle (const QRectF &rect)
void setCertNickname (const QString &certNickname)
void setFieldPartialName (const QString &name)
void setFontColor (const QColor &color)
void setFontSize (double fontSize)
void setLeftFontSize (double fontSize)
void setPage (int page)
void setPassword (const QString &password)
void setSignatureLeftText (const QString &text)
void setSignatureText (const QString &text)
QString signatureLeftText () const
QString signatureText () const

Detailed Description

Holds data for a new signature.

Member Function Documentation

◆ borderWidth()

double Poppler::PDFConverter::NewSignatureData::borderWidth ( ) const

border width in points

Default: 1.5


◆ leftFontSize()

double Poppler::PDFConverter::NewSignatureData::leftFontSize ( ) const

Default: 20.


◆ signatureLeftText()

QString Poppler::PDFConverter::NewSignatureData::signatureLeftText ( ) const

If this text is not empty, the signature representation will split in two, with this text on the left and signatureText on the right.


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