Poppler Qt5  20.10.0
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Poppler::LinkDestination Class Reference

#include <poppler-link.h>

Public Types

enum  Kind {
  destXYZ = 1, destFit = 2, destFitH = 3, destFitV = 4,
  destFitR = 5, destFitB = 6, destFitBH = 7, destFitBV = 8

Public Member Functions

double bottom () const
QString destinationName () const
bool isChangeLeft () const
bool isChangeTop () const
bool isChangeZoom () const
Kind kind () const
double left () const
 LinkDestination (const LinkDestination &other)
LinkDestinationoperator= (const LinkDestination &other)
int pageNumber () const
double right () const
double top () const
QString toString () const
double zoom () const
 ~LinkDestination ()

Detailed Description

A destination.

The LinkDestination class represent a "destination" (in terms of visual viewport to be displayed) for GoTo links, and items in the table of contents (TOC) of a document.

Coordinates are in 0..1 range

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Kind

The possible kind of "viewport destination".


The new viewport is specified in terms of:

Member Function Documentation

◆ destinationName()

QString Poppler::LinkDestination::destinationName ( ) const

Return the name of this destination.


◆ isChangeLeft()

bool Poppler::LinkDestination::isChangeLeft ( ) const

Whether the left of the viewport on the target page should be changed.

See also

◆ isChangeTop()

bool Poppler::LinkDestination::isChangeTop ( ) const

Whether the top of the viewport on the target page should be changed.

See also

◆ isChangeZoom()

bool Poppler::LinkDestination::isChangeZoom ( ) const

Whether the zoom level should be changed.

See also

◆ pageNumber()

int Poppler::LinkDestination::pageNumber ( ) const

Which page is the target of this destination.

this number is 1-based, so for a 5 pages document the valid page numbers go from 1 to 5 (both included).

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