Poppler Qt5 24.06.0
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Poppler::Annotation::Style Class Reference

#include <poppler-annotation.h>

Public Member Functions

QColor color () const
const QVector< double > & dashArray () const
double effectIntensity () const
LineEffect lineEffect () const
LineStyle lineStyle () const
double opacity () const
Styleoperator= (const Style &other)
void setColor (const QColor &color)
void setDashArray (const QVector< double > &array)
void setEffectIntensity (double intens)
void setLineEffect (LineEffect effect)
void setLineStyle (LineStyle style)
void setOpacity (double opacity)
void setWidth (double width)
void setXCorners (double radius)
void setYCorners (double radius)
 Style (const Style &other)
double width () const
double xCorners () const
double yCorners () const

Detailed Description

Container class for Annotation style information.


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